RAMATO” presents a wide range of ARC-600 or MMA-600 of 600AMP single phase inverter welding machine. These ARC Inverter Welding machines are available in various model ranges. RAMATO have a wide range of 600A inverter welding machine with all standard accessories. RAMATO have 600A models of Welding as ARC-600I, ARC-600CJ, ARC-600G, ARC-600A, ARC-600AMP ARC-630CG etc…

Features & Applications

ARC – Force for Anti – Sticking
Remote Control Function
VRD Function – Safe for Welding
Super Portable and Energy Saving
Wide Range for Input Voltage: 380V+15%
Outstanding Are Stability with Low Spatter
Dust-free cooling system with upgraded duty cycle
Remote – Control Functional Optional
Digital Meter to present and Display Welding Current
HOT-start (0-130A) to start the Welding ARC smoothly
Repairing Works
Kitchenware Industry
College Workshops
Automobile industry
Sheet Metal Industry
Home & Furniture Application
Equipment Assembly & Repairs
Small Workshop
Mechanical Workshop
Ceramic industry
Wood Working Industry
Construction Sites
Every Small, Medium And Large Scale machining Industry
Std. Accessory:

  • Manual book

Extra Accessory:

  • Welding Holder, Earthing Holder, Welding Wire, Earthing Wire, Connectors and Lugs.


Rated Input Voltage (V) AC415V +15% Three phase
Phase 50/60HZ
Rated Input Power (KVA) 53.1
Rated Input Current (A) 36
No-load Voltage (A) 85
Duty Cycle 60%
Efficiency (%) 85
Power Factor 0.93
Protection Class IP21
Insulation Class F
Electrode Diameter (mm) 1.6 – 6
Size (mm) Approx. 670 X 320 X 640
Weight (KG) Approx. 54 KG