Rajlaxmi Machine Tools, HMP – Rajkot, Gujarat plays a significant role in workshop device supply. We provide wide range of radial drilling machining components which are supportive in several industries to carry out multiple machining operations. Radial drilling remains one of the important machining aspects required in metal, automotive and similar industries and we provide high precision pillar radial drill machine to match accurate boring requisites. Our tool is designed as per industrial standards and provided with rough construction to fulfil optimum machining performance expected in different industries. It is featured with easier operational modes at the same time can be depended on for accurate drilling. It is flawless in machining and stays durable in quality. Our Latest Technological Innovation provides finest services to your business. We are receiving overwhelming responses from our valued clients based in India and abroad. The radial machines developed by us are given awesome results and we are morally encouraged to increase our production, quality and networks covering the high dimension. We employ all our skills besides hiring from outside to make our products technologically approved and universally accepted. Prompt delivery, quality assurance and competitive prices are the parameters that make us distinguished in the market.

Features & Applications

Parts Properly Balanced
Rigid machine structure
Reduced maintenance cost
Offers vibration free machining
Easily & readily available spare parts
All Moving Parts Finished to Close Tolerance
Parts finished on imported Grinding Machine
Spindle & Pinion are made out of 20MNCr5 Steel
Especially designed for fast metal removal rate of lowest cost
For extra rigidity & stability machine base is reinforced by ribs
For extra rigidity & stability machine base is reinforced by ribs
The RAM is made from special alloy steel pipe of more thickness
Octagonal shape Pillar bracket acts like rib providing more rigidity
Glass Industry
Plastic Industry
Small Workshop
Repairing Works
Ceramic industry
Construction Sites
Small Workshop
College Workshops
Automobile industry
Sheet Metal Industry
Wood Working Industry
Every Small, Medium And Large Scale machining Industry
Std. Accessory:

  • Motor Pulley, Manual book

Extra Accessory:

  • Electric Motor, V-Belt, R & F switch, Drill Chuck, Arbour, Tapper Drift, Drill vice, Key-way Compound Slide, Machine Lamp

HMP-27 Radial Drilling Machine Video


Details 25 Mm Radial Drill 25 Mm Radial Drill 40 Mm Radial Drill
Model HMP – 27 HMP – 28 HMP – 29
Drilling Capacity  25 MM  40 MM 40 MM
Speed Range 116 to 2880 RPM 116 to 2880 RPM 70 TO 2625 RPM
Spindle Nose MT-3 MT-4 MT-4
Spindle Centre to Column 345 X 660 345 X 660 940 X 340
Spindle Travel 165 MM 165 MM 255 MM
Maxi. Distance Spindle to Table 110 x 840 110 x 840 255 X 960
Maxi. Distance Spindle to Base 140 X 840 140 X 840 255 X 960
Working Surface of Base 605 x 725 605 x 725 625 X 700
Working Surface of Table 275 x 200 x 200 275 x 200 x 200 280 X 280 X 400
Column Diameter 130 MM 130 MM 170 MM
Machine Base 1100 X 880 X 1600 1100 X 880 X 1600 1400 X 900 X 1800
Motor 1 HP & 0.5 HP 1 HP & 0.5 HP 1.5 HP & 0.5 HP
V-Belt Size B-41 & A-22 B-41 & A-22 B-46 & A-23
Weight Of Machine (Approx.) 450 kg 450 kg 800 kg