HMP Presents a wide range of TULSI make LT Control switch from Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA. We are supplying LT control switches to all over India and also export these items on inquiry basis. We have premium quality on TULSI LT control switch manufactured by Tulsi Engineering Co – METODA GIDC, Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA. These LT Control type Switches are uses for all machines for start and stop motor in drilling machine, lathe machine, slotting machine, milling machine, pedestal machines, hacksaws, jigsaw, cut-off machine, hydraulic press, hydraulic machinery, machine tools which operates on Electric motors. We have two types of Tulsi make LT Control Switches as ON-OFF LT Control Switch and Reverse Forward RF LT Control Switch.

Features & Applications

AMPS: 16

VOLTS: 440



General:TULSI L.T. Control Switches type T-16 are initially need for control of industrial motors up to 3 H.P. for switching operations like starting/stopping, reversing, change over etc. The switches are air break, lever operated type. They are specially designed to allow reliable and efficient Control of industrial Motors.
Construction: L.T. Control switches are of study construction and are encased in super quality sheet metal housing with shoving powder coating paint. All metallic parts inside the switch undergo anti-corrosive process. The Bakelite parts are manufactured from most efficient grades of phenol formaldehyde powder for optimum strength, life & finish. All components are made from Quality material and most of them are replaceable. The switches are available with metallic or Bakelite as required.
Contacts:They are made of pure electrolytic cold rolled copper which can withstand considerable Overload without overheating. The contacts fixed and moving are cadmium plated in order to offer minimum resistance. The moving Contacts are contained in the male/female decks. They are very easy to replace. The fixed contacts are duly fitted on a Bakelite body and are wired it connecting and to achieve the sequences desired.
Tests:Every switch undergoes routine tests in our well-equipped Quality control department. Every switch undergoes high Voltage test of 2.5 K.V. RMS for one minute.
Applications:These switches are initially prepared for applications in machine tools like lathes, drilling machines, Power presses, Hacksaws, Band saws, Grinders, Threading-Taping machine, Wood-working machine, Control panels, Textile machines and Generator sets etc.