A classic one, the chainsaw is a heavy-duty tool that requires you to adhere to established safety rules. If you are looking up different types of power tools and their uses, the chainsaw probably does not appear at the top of the list, but that doesn’t make it less important. These tools are designed for outdoor use, from cutting down limbs to taking out adult trees. The weight of these appliances vary considerably, the gas-powered models are heavier and therefore are harder to handle.

Features & Applications

You sure as heck have seen one of those chainsaw scenes in horror movies. It was for decapitating vampires then. But in real life, the chainsaw is made for tree felling, pruning, bucking and climbing.
There are also some specialized chainsaws on the market. These have the ability to even cut through concrete. In winter temperate countries or states, you may see people using chainsaws for cutting ice as well.