Impact Driver is an essential tool for the homeowners and DIYers. If you don’t already have a cordless drill then this is ideal. The tool also comes with an internal slip clutch that can provide more torque than a cordless drill for more power on the job. Unless you’re planning on driving large fasteners a drill/driver is more than sufficient for most home needs. Look for a drill driver that has a brushless motor as it will last longer and not get as hot.

Features & Applications

Impact drivers are unlike typical drills. They both do the same thing; drilling holes and driving screws and bolts. Nonetheless, impact drivers deal it with a higher amount of torque. A drill driver carries torque too, but when you need to beat the shit out of the screw and bolt, you think of using nothing but an impact driver.
An impact driver uses an impact to twist the fastener into the material. It is perfect for driving large leg screws quickly and easily than a drill.