Any list that mentions types of power tools and their uses needs to include the jigsaw. Contrary to the popular belief, jigsaws are safe power tools and ideal for beginners. Having one allows you to cut in certain patterns, mostly curved and circular. Without a jigsaw, this would be extremely difficult. If you want more practicality, orbital designs are better, but otherwise, a corded model is just as good.

Features & Applications

Jigsaw is basically used for making cuts (straight and curved) or stencils in a range of different materials. It works on plastic, particle board, plywood, wood, metal and even on ceramic tiles.
Except cutting out wood, it is ideal for adding a decorative touch to your furniture and scroll-working, and pipe-working. On top of that, you can even use a jigsaw cutting the carpet which is tough on your scissors or knives. Using a concrete blade, you can dig a hole into spongy concrete and fibre cement as well.