Nail guns provide accurate power for nailing while helping to conserve nails. If we sort the types of power tools and their uses, nail guns are in the middle of the pack in terms of popularity, but they are very handy everyday home appliances. Having to nail something is common, and with a nail gun, it’s easy and safe. Depending on your product you might also get a staple gun for free, not necessarily something you need but it tends to get thrown in which is useful for upholstery or packaging. A nail gun is great for attaching moulding or baseboard quickly and even larger woodworking projects.

Features & Applications

Commonly known as nailer or nail gun is widely used for putting nails into wooden materials as well as some other. However different nailers allow space for a different level of works. Such as; heavy-duty wood framing requires a framing nail gun. And, roofing nailers do shorter nailing on roofs with wider heads. For indoor trimming and jobs of the like, finishing nailers are the best to go with. Then you also have brad nailers and finishing nailers for specific woodworking chunks.