Another power tool for woodworkers, a router helps you to hollow out areas in hard materials. It is not necessarily a tool that belongs in every workshop, but it can come in handy if you are a woodworker. Working with walnut or snake wood require appliances able to deal with hard materials, and a router is exactly that kind of tool.

Features & Applications

Woodworkers use routers for hollowing out a particular area in their work piece. Despite, the main application of a router is cabinetry, and used as a plunger, the most common use is just routing. Routing grooves for long cuts in material surfaces, routing a cove or rounded groove on the edge, routing a rebate aka 90-degree groove alongside a work piece, routing a chamfer or any angled-cut across the corner, routing veining for thinner cuts, routing beading for decorative wood crafting, and routing moulding for attractive finishing.