Cast Iron Body Treadle Guillotine Shearing Machine with best workmanship, robust and streamline construction is developed and designed after maker’s extensive experience in manufacturing and sales of such machines.

Features & Applications

Rigid and streamline construction ensures vibration-free and fatigue less function of the machine.
Upper Beam/Ram is moving in C. I. Guide ways with precision bearing surface and having adjustment for compensating wear and tear
Adjustable front & back gauge with Through slots which facilitates adjustment of different widths of cuts and avoids any sorts of waves and twisting of sheets while cutting.
Adjustment bolts allow setting of blades to cut various thicknesses.
Machines are fitted with HCHCR quality Four Edge Shearing Blade to avail maximum use of blades.
The extra heavy Treadle with proper weight is spring loaded and very well designed for operator’s convenience which takes minimum pressure while cutting. The Springs fitted are of proper compression and strength.
All lubrication points are provided with lubrication cups at required places to ensure smooth, trouble free and long life of machine.
The Setting bolts are provided for lower-fixed blade to adjust vertically when height of blade is reduced after sharpening.
Tin Containers
Drum P. P. Caps
Calendar Rims
Control Panels & Boards
Brass Industries
Aluminium Industries
M.S. & Steel Cutting
Block Makers etc…


Specification MM – inch MM – inch MM – inch MM – inch MM – inch MM – inch MM – inch MM – inch MM – inch
Size of Machine 305-12 458-18 610-24 915-36 1020-40 1270-50 1524-60 2058-81 2540-100
Length of Bed. 407-16 559-22 712-28 1020-40 1118-44 1372-54 1651-65 2159-85 2705-106.5
Width of Bed. 203-8 280-11 280-11 280-11 305-12 305-12 305-12 305-12 305-12
Cap Thickness M.S. 0.9 mm 0.9 mm 0.9 mm 0.9 mm 0.9 mm 0.8 mm 0.8 mm 0.8 mm 0.8 mm
Size of Blade in. M.M. 305x63x14 482x63x14 635x63x14 940x63x14 1041x63x14 1295x63x14 1550x63x14 2082x63x14 2565x63x14
Floor to Top of Bed. 863-34 863-34 863-34 863-34 889-34 889-34 889-34 889-34 889-34
Weight of machine 80 kg. 215 kg. 251 kg. 300 kg. 375 kg. 450 kg. 525 kg. 675 kg. 800 kg.