Rajlaxmi Machine Tools – (Rajkot, Gujarat) “Ramatospot welding machines in Rajkot are offered in 6, 8,10,12,15 and 20 KVA models each with three standard throat depths to cover practically all applications. All machines are made of steel fabricated rigid strictures to eliminate the minute’s spot definitions.

Features & Applications

Transformer: Low leakage (High linkage) design, proper cooling and insulation including winding impregnation to enhance reliability and service life. 
Current Control: current setting from min. to max can be done by 8 positions, off load tap switch.
Time Control: (With Timer) solid state Electronic timer to control weld time from 5 to 50 cycles and 1 to 10 seconds to achieve accurate and repeatable spots.
Weld Pressure: Adjustable max pressure levels are divided from a heavy duty compression spring mounted on a pressure rod with routine calibrated nut. Here is a special arrangement in the machine minimizes operator fatigue and ensures simple setting.
Cooling: Electrodes and arms are provided with water cooling arrangement with hose connections (water supply to be arranged by the user)
Electrodes: One pair of Morse Taper 2 straight electrodes made from hardened copper alloy is supplied with the equipment. Other types of spares can be supply on specific orders.
Repairing Works
Kitchenware Industry
College Workshops
Automobile industry
Sheet Metal Industry
Home & Furniture Application
Equipment Assembly & Repairs
Kitchen Equipment making Industry
Engineering Goods Production Workshop
Every Small, Medium And Large Scale machining Industry


Particular AL Spot Welding
Model 6 KVA
Rating @ 50% Duty Cycle 6
Input Supply 230/440
Phase 1 / 2 (1 Ph /2 Lines of 3 Ph Supply)
Insulation Class A(CU)
Nominal Throat Clearance 230 MM
Throat Depth 450 MM
Max. Electrode Stroke 40 MM
Nominal Electrode Force 100 KG
Max. Short Circuit Current 7.5 K.Amps
Mild Steel Max. 2x 1.5 MM
Thickness Min. 2x 0.3 MM
Brass Steel Max. 2x 0.8 MM
Thickness Min. 2x 0.1 MM
Stainless Steel Max. 2x 1.5 MM
Thickness Min. 2x 0.2 MM
Cooling For Arm & Electrode Water
Cooling Air
Approx. Dimension In MM H – 920 MM, L – 530 MM, W – 340 MM
Approx. Weight 100% Copper 95 Kg
Approx. Weight Semi-Copper 90 Kg
Main Supply Copper Cable 8 MM
Recommended Switch Rating 20 Amps
Delayed Action Fuse Rating 20 Amps
External Water Supply 3 Ltr/Min